The Laboratory of Kinetics and Catalysis at the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University was founded in 1929 to expand education at undergraduate and graduate levels in the general areas of physical chemistry and specifically of catalysis as well as to develop research in surface science and kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions.

Now, its activity lies mainly in the field of zeolites, oxides, metallocomplex and enzymatic catalysis. It aims at performing high-level fundamental research capable of industrial integration and development.

  • Irina I. Ivanova, Professor, Head of the Laboratory
  • Aleksey K. Buryak, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS
  • Sergei N. Lanin, Professor
  • Pavel N. Nesterenko, Professor
  • Tatyana M. Roshchina, Professor
  • Leonid E. Kitaev, Associate Professor
  • Ivan A. Kasyanov, Associate Professor
  • Elena E. Knyazeva, Leading Researcher
  • Yury G. Kolyagin, Leading Researcher
  • Olga A. Ponomareva, Leading Researcher
  • Andrey G. Popov, Leading Researcher
  • Andrey V. Smirnov, Leading Researcher
  • Irina F. Moskovskaya, Senior Researcher
  • Larisa F. Atyaksheva, Senior Researcher
  • Artem E. Vinogradov, Researcher
  • Irina V. Dobryakova, Researcher
  • Daniil A. Fedosov, Researcher
  • Liudmila I. Rodionova, Researcher
  • Angelina A. Maerle, Junior Researcher
  • Boris A. Kolozhvari, Junior Researcher
  • Valeriya A. Vorobkalo, Junior Researcher
  • Ksenia S. Lanina, Junior Researcher
  • Andrey V. Efimov, Junior Researcher
  • Dmitry S. Zasukhin, Junior Researcher
  • Alexander I. Nikiforov, Junior Researcher
  • Alexander V. Shkuropatov, Junior Researcher
  • Anna I. Bulygina, Junior Researcher
  • Vitaly L. Sushkevich, Junior Researcher
  • Olga N. Fedyanina, Engineer
  • Ivan A. Vostrov, Engineer
  • Victor R. Drozhzhin, Technician
  • Victoria I. Nazarova, Technician


  • Development of efficient catalysts, sorbents and other functional materials based on molecular sieves, in particular, zeolites and zeotypes, mesoporous and micro-mesoporous materials, oxides, MOF-s, zeolite-encapsulated metallo-complexes, oxide clusters and immobilized enzymes;
  • Characterization of the physico-chemical and catalytic properties of novel materials;
  • Development of novel processes for the conversion of oil and on-oil feedstocks into valuable products;
  • In situ investigations of the mechanisms of synthesis and catalysis.

Experience and skills

The laboratory of Kinetics and Catalysis is one of the leading research groups in Russian Federation specialized in the field of catalysis over molecular sieves. The laboratory staff have great experience in all kinds of research connected to molecular sieve materials – from synthesis to catalytic evaluation.

In the field of molecular sieves synthesis the research staff of the laboratory have worked through and mastered reproducible techniques for the preparation of various structure types of zeolites, microporous crystal silicoaluminophosphates and mesoporous materials. Several novel approaches have been proposed in the last years for the synthesis of a new classes of molecular sieves: micro-mesoporous materials,; metal containing zeolites; nanocrystalline zeolites, binderless zeolite materials and etc.

New highly-efficient catalysts for various processes have been developed in the laboratory in the last years, including catalysts for such processes as alkylation of benzene with propylene, alkylation of aniline with methanol, hydroalkylation of benzene with acetone, disproportionation of toluene, synthesis isoprene from formaldehyde and isobutylene, synthesis of butadiene from ethanol, conversion of 2,3-butanediol, synthesis of isobutylene from ethanol, synthesis of butanol from ethanol, synthesis of isobutylene from acetone and ethanol, synthesis of lower olefins from methanol, dehydrogenation of alkanes, epoxidation of propylene, oligomerization butane-butylene fraction, hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil.

Besides the applied sciences, laboratory staff are involved in fundamental mechanistic studies of heterogeneous catalytic reactions using IR and NMR spectroscopy in situ. In this field the research group is considered to be among the leading groups in Russia and the world. In particular, the significant contribution has been made to the investigation of the mechanisms of the following industrially important processes: alkanes aromatization, hexane isomerization, benzene alkylation with propane, toluene, aniline and phenol alkylation with methanol, transalkylation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons, isoprene synthesis from isobutylene and formaldehyde oligomerization of olefins, synthesis of butadiene from ethanol.

In the last years the research group is involved in intensive investigations related to mechanistic studies of hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites. A unique equipment for the preparation of NMR cells of autoclave type, adapted for carrying out MAS NMR experiments was designed and an its ability to conduct the studies of hydrothermal zeolite synthesis has been demonstrated.

  • equipment for the molecular sieve synthesis and post-synthesis treatment (autoclaves of a different volume from 15ml up to 2L and thermochambers for the hydrothermal synthesis, SNOL heating devices, IKAMAG magnetic and WiseStir mechanical stirrers, HERMLE Z324 laboratory centrifuge, Shimadzu AB 220 and ACCULAB LA-110 high-accuracy weighing machines etc.);
  • Bruker AVANCE-II 400MHz NMR-spectrometer with 9.4 T field, MAS-II magic angle rotation system, three radio frequency channels (H-F/ X/Y) per 1 kW of power each (rotor diameters 4 and 7 mm), capable of performing measurements up to 350 oC.
  • X-ray diffractometer BRUKER D2 PHASER for x-ray phase monitoring of the crystal structure;
  • FT IR spectrometers Protégé 460 and Nicolet iS10 MCT;
  • IR-cell to study the mechanisms of in situ reactions;
  • Horiba LabRAM HR EVOLUTION Raman spectrometer equipped with 355 nm and 633 nm lasers;
  • Raman cell Harrick HVC-MRA-5 to study the mechanisms of in situ reactions;
  • Nicolet 380 FTIR-spectrometer;
  • EVOLUTION 600 UV-Vis spectrometer;
  • ThermoScientific ARL PERFORM’X WDXRF X-ray fluorescence analyzer with 2.5 kW operating rhodium tube;
  • High resolution electron microscope — SEM JSM-639OLA with the attachment EDX EX ** BU for studying the morphology of microparticles;
  • Micrometrics ASAP-2000 N sorptometer for structure and surface characterization;
  • USGA-101 universal sorption gas-analyzer for thermo-programmed desorption (TPD) and reduction (TPR) measurements;
  • SDTQ 600 differential scanning calorimeter-derivatograph for thermal decomposition of solids investigation;
  • unique laboratory catalytic setups for continuous and batch catalytic reactions including high pressure equipment;
  • Chromatech Crystal-2000M GC with a number of chromatographic columns;
  • Thermo Trace GC Ultra GC-MS with Thermo DSQ-II quadrupole mass-spectrometer for analysis of catalytic reaction products;

Besides that MSU laboratory has an access to a number of instruments and equipment of MSU Collective Use Center «Novel preparation technology and comprehensive examination of nanostructured materials»: JSM-639OLA high resolution electron microscope with EDX EX-230**BU module for morphology investigation of microparticles; JEM-2100FS transmission electron microscope (14 nm resolution, accelerating voltage up to 200 kEV, x50 to x1,5M magnification) for the size evaluation of nanoparticles, etc.

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